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Hello! We're so glad you made it. First things first...

Do you qualify?

- Engaged audience size of 3k+ (includes email list + followers across all social platforms)
- A genuine love for Daily Dry Shampoo™️
- A passion for non-toxic beauty

Our program

We consider our Daily brand ambassadors to be our closest friends and confidants. Here are some benefits you will receive from a relationship with us.
  • A free dry shampoo starter kit!
  • Join our community. The clean beauty movement is at full steam. Connect with other like-minded women who share your values and a passion for non-toxic living.
  • 20% commission on your sales 
  • Exclusive information about upcoming product launches
  • Be the first to know about deals, promotions and giveaways to share with your audience.

About Us

Daily is a vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable (and soon to be organic!) hair care brand on a mission to make good hair healthy again.
Our love for animals and the environment fuels our every move.
Our core value is AUTHENTICITY